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A Seattle referral website for those seeking psychotherapy and counseling. If you’re looking for treatment of depression, anxiety, or stress, this is your first step.


We are a group of psychotherapists in Seattle, each individually licensed by the State of Washington, individually insured, and in sole private practice. 

Being licensed with the State of Washington requires a graduate degree, years of experience and supervision, a state-administered test, and ongoing education and training. The specific graduate degree may vary; the counselors on this page have the following degrees: ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner), who may also prescribe medication; MA (Master of Arts – usually in Psychology or a related field); MC (Master of Counseling). 

We invite you to read each profile to help you choose the person best for you. Choosing a counselor is a very personal decision. In addition to experience and training, counselors are individuals with their own personality and style; often it will be a combination of factors that leads you to choose someone that feels right for you. The profile will give you information on specialties, experience, and insurance in addition to how someone might approach your issues. Meeting the person face-to-face is the best way to know if this will be a good fit. For further guidance, read Guidelines on Finding a Counselor.


Diane Browning Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Diane Browning


The process of psychotherapy depends on your needs. With adults, it may be short-term and solution focused or a longer process of exploring experiences, thoughts and feelings. Such exploration can help you better understand the patterns and beliefs that interfere with your satisfaction in life. During this process we might focus on solutions, examine the root cause of problems, or explore the costs and benefits of painful patterns.
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Dianne Mack - Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor

  Dianne Mack


I offer a friendly, respectful and collaborative approach to therapy. I place a high priority on listening, and attending to what you say you would like to accomplish together. Your issues will be addressed in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. I will help you look at your strengths and values and how your choices – material and spiritual – can support your goals.
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Jan Gullette - Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Jan Gullette


Therapy is a process of exploring how your beliefs and thoughts as well as your unique chemistry effect who you are and how you operate in your life. In providing a safe and comfortable environment we can learn what you are seeking to understand and accomplish in our work together. 
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Valerie Leaf - Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor

  Valerie Leaf 


I listen carefully and empathically as we discover what you want in your life and relationships and where you are now; and to look at where you want to go and where you’ve been.
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